O nama

About Sopar

The line is made by 2 sisters. Helena, who is a top model and has worked with the best in the industry, did campaigns for Bobbi Brown, Kiko, Donna Karan, Mariella Burani etc. and lives between London and NY, and Tamara, a journalist and a chic mom with a great sense for fashion, that lives in Croatia.

They both grew up on the Island of Pag in Croatia and that also has a lot of influence on them. They use hand made lace in their collection which is a signature of their island and some other elements of traditional clothing. They want to combine contemporary style of NY,Paris,London and tradition of their mother land. They want to combine the purity, peacefulness, calm of Pag with diverse, vibrant and exciting NY and London and use elements of both worlds in their collection. They want to create things they feel good in and want other women to feel fulfilled, beautiful and confident. Just what NY, London and Pag represent to them, in their collection they want to play with those contrasts and promise elegance, class, chicness and authenticity.  Followed by tradition and strong croatian roots to variety of cultures of NY and London and different styles of Sopar sisters they want to create something unique and special. They want to create a brand with a twist and playful side, specializing in clothes that you can wear from the airport to gala dinner only by changing shoes.