Terms and Conditions

Legal Information

Company SOPAR Ltd. as an owner of this web site specifies these Legal Information in accordance with the Croatian Companies Act.

Basic Information

Company name: Sopar Limited Liability Company for trade and services (Sopar Ltd.)

Registered office: Stjepana Babonića 96, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Responsible persons: Helena Šopar, Tamara Rebić

Share capital: 20.000,00 kn (paid in full)

Contact Information

E-mail: info@soparcollection.com, helena@soparcollection.com, tamara@soparcollection.com

Mobile: +385 91 970 3065

Competent Court

Court Name: Commercial Court in Zagreb

National Identification Number (OIB): 96671252206

MBS: 081029241

Bank Information

Bank name: Privredna banka d.d.

Bank headquarters: Ulica dr. Franje Račkog 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

IBAN: HR5823400091110789059



Legal Remarks

Company SOPAR Ltd. (later also referred to as SOPAR), as an owner of www.soparcollection.com website (later also referred to as “web shop” or “Internet store”) provides this document as a guide for usage and privacy protection.

Every usage of www.soparcollection.com is subject to terms and conditions listed below. Materials posted on this web page can be copied only in non-commercial aims and only for individual usage with respect of copy rights, other owner rights and every listed limiting right. Therefore the page cannot be copied, further reproduced or in any way distributed without consent of SOPAR.

SOPAR will make a reasonable effort to make sure that this web page contains only truthful and accurate information, but cannot be responsible for its accuracy in full. All the users that access www.soparcollection.com are using the site at their own risk. SOPAR will not be responsible for any kind of direct, random, consequential, indirect or punishable damages that occurred due to access, usage or inability of usage of www.soparcollection.com or due to any error or incompleteness in its content.

SOPAR holds a right to change the web site content in any way, at any moment and due to any reason, and will not be responsible for any kind of possible consequences that were created due to these changes.


Terms of Purchase

SOPAR Ltd. – shopping in web shop on www.soparcollection.com

These Terms of Purchase define the process of ordering, payment, delivery and return of products offered on our website. Through this Internet store, SOPAR offers its entire range of products and makes it available for purchase. The Supplier (Seller) of the products offered on these pages is SOPAR Ltd., Stjepana Babonića 96, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, and the Buyer is a visitor that chooses at least one product, fills in the electronic order form and sends it to the Seller. A User is any person that uses these websites in any way.

All given prices are in kunas and include VAT. While purchasing a product on the given day under given price, the product will be shipped and charged under the price indicated in the moment of purchase. The prices are valid until the new ones are processed.

The prices indicated are valid only for the web shop and are not necessary the same in at selling spots.

SOPAR has the right to change the prices without previous notice as well as changing the prices exclusively for web shop. SOPAR has a right in any moment to determine discount prices.



The Buyer is not obligated to be registered or signed in on www.soparcollection.com to be able to proceed with purchase. During the registration, Buyer is asked to type in his or her e-mail address and password. Any user can ask for deletion of his or her account at any time.


Item ordering is possible 24/7. Items are ordered exclusively through electronic form – shopping cart. By clicking the button “Add to cart”, the selected item is added to the cart. An item is considered to have been ordered at the moment the customer completes the entire ordering process.

For registered Buyer, personal information will be filled in automatically based on his profile settings. Unregistered Buyer is requested to type in personal details and address (where the package will be delivered) so that the process of order can be concluded.

The Buyer will receive a conformation e-mail at the e-mail address that he used to register as a customer or entered during the ordering procedure. If the Buyer did not receive this e-mail, we ask him to check whether the items are still in the cart after logging in. If they are not, Buyer should contact us at info@soparcollection.com.

After the order is concluded, the Buyer cannot add other items or change the delivery data. Please check if all of the entered information is correct before you conclude the order.

SOPAR, as the Seller and owner of these web sites, undertakes to ship all ordered products. If the Seller has no possibility to deliver all of the ordered items, he will deliver the ones available and he will contact the Buyer in a written way and inform him. The Seller will do the same for returns or withdraws.


Payment Methods

Web shop www.soparcollection.com offers several payment methods. During the ordering procedure, the Buyer can choose a method that suits him best. The buyer is able to pay for ordered products, with possible delivery costs by:

  • cash on delivery trough a courier service (valid only for orders within the Republic of Croatia),
  • direct bank transfer (general payment slip or trough Internet banking) or
  • credit cards and debit cards trough the T-Com Pay Way system.

The order conformation notice will be sent by the Seller to the Buyer’s e-mail address. The billing will be made only after it has been determined that the ordered products are available at the Seller’s Internet store.

Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery means that the Buyer pays full price for the shipment in cash to the deliverer, after which he will get a conformation of payment, and a receipt after the funds are received and it is possible to issue a fiscal receipt. Cash on delivery is valid only for orders within the Republic of Croatia.

Direct Bank Transfer (BACS) – at the post office, bank or via Internet banking

At www.soparcollection.com the Buyer is able to pay by direct payment to Seller’s bank account. If the Buyer chooses this method, the order conformation notice will contain the bank account number for which the payment is to be made. Ordered items will be sent when payment is visible on the account.

Payment details:

  • Recipient: SOPAR d.o.o.
  • IBAN: HR5823400091110789059
  • Reference number:
  • Payment description: Sopar Collection web shop purchase + order number

Note: We ask of the Buyer to send a payment conformation to info@soparcollection.com. With such payments the Seller cannot immediately obtain conformation that the order is paid and as a result the Buyer cannot receive the shipment as soon as possible. The shipment will only be sent when the Seller receives conformation that the funds have been transferred to the bank account.

Card Payment

The Buyer is able to select the card whit which he wishes to pay and enters the number, expiry date and control number. Control number is a three or four digit number printed on the card to serve as an evidence of Buyer’s physical possession of the card at the moment of purchase. Control number reduces the possibility of fraud. The three-digit control number is printed in the signature area on the back of the card, as the last group of digits to the right. The four-digit control number is printed on the front side of American Express cards, above the card number on the left or right side. On American Express cards issued in Croatia that begin with the digits 3775, there is a three-digit control number printed on the back of the card. At the moment when the Buyer’s credit card is charged, he will receive and additional e-mail to inform you that authorisation has been completed and that ordered item is on its way.

Note:  We ask of Buyer to pay for the order within two business days, as the order will be cancelled after the expiry of this deadline.

On this web shop you can by using these cards:

  • VISA
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • American Express






American Express

American Express


Safety Statement In Case of Card Credit Payment

On this web shop Buyers are able to pay trough T-Com Pay Way system that covers the payment via credit cards and debit cards. Payments are made via T-Com Pay Way’s online credit card authorization system in real time, which provides exceptional data protection and data security for Internet money transactions. State-of-the-art data protection methods are applied by Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption. The exchange of sensitive data (such as credit card numbers) between T-Com Pay Way payment system and the card authorisation centres is conducted on a private network that has no Internet access and is completely protected from unauthorised access by the ISO 8583 protocol. T-Com Pay Way completely disables access to data for which the participants in the process of purchase are not authorized. With this system, all data is protected by special security protocols in the process of purchasing over the Internet.

All Buyer information is strictly confidential and only accessible to employees who need that information to do their job. All employees of SOPAR and business partners are responsible for adhering to the safety principals.

VISA verified

VISA verified

Mastercard Securecode

Mastercard Securecode

American Express Guarenteed

American Express Guarenteed

Currency Conversion Statement

All payments shall be made in Croatian kunas (HRK, Kn or kn). The account balance of Buyer’s credit card will be calculated by converting the amount from EUR to Croatian kunas according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank. When Buyer’s credit card is charged, the amount will be converted to his local currency. As a result of this conversion, the possibility exists that there will be a slight discrepancy between the amount charged and original price listed on SOPAR website.


Order Conformation

Upon ordering, the Buyer will receive a notice that the order is received and that the availability of the ordered items is checked. After having checked the availability of the item, the Seller will notify the Buyer if the items are available by email to the address that was entered when ordering. If the Buyer has chosen a direct bank transaction as a payment method, he or she will be notified to make a payment. For a credit card payment, it will be notified that the transaction (payment) has been made and that the order processing continues.



Item delivery is made within 2 to 5 business days from the moment of item availability and shipping conformation. All orders received on working days and Friday to 12 am will be sent on the same working day and delivered within 2 to 3 business days. Orders received on weekends will be sent on Monday.

For shipments outside of Croatia, the courier service ensures delivery within 8 days from the time SOPAR received the order, if the order was received within the working week.

If the shipment differs from what the Buyer order and paid for, he is obligated to inform the Seller about the wrong delivery and has a right for a new (correct) shipment that will be sent within 2 or 5 business days, from Seller’s receiving of notification about wrong delivery. If it is not possible to ship the correct order, the Buyer has a right to a full refund (both for order and delivery costs), and possibly a reimbursement of costs for the return of wrongly delivered products, if the Seller it not able to organise a pick up.

The Buyer is also obligated to return the incorrectly delivered shipment to Seller’s address: SOPAR d.o.o., Stjepana Babonića 96, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

If the Buyer fails to deliver the shipment from the deliverer within 5 business days, the shipment will be returned to the Seller.

The shipping cost is calculated automatically when purchasing a product.

Delivery Costs within the Republic of Croatia

Delivery at the territory of Republic of Croatia is free.

Delivery Costs within the EU

Any shipping zones other than Croatia have a flat rate delivery cost of 250 kn (KRH).

Shipment Damage

The orders will be packed in a manner that prevents damage during usual shipment and handling. When receiving the ordered items, the Buyer is obligated to check them for any possible damage or deviations from the number of items ordered and to immediately report this to the delivery worker and refuse to receive the delivered items. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to check the correctness of the order, as later claims will not be accepted. If the Buyer notices damage on the package, he doesn’t have to claim it and can ask for a new shipment. If there are any damages on the package, it is necessary to inform the Seller at info@soparcollection.com.

Shipment Pickup

The ordered items will be delivered by courier to the address provided by the Buyer upon ordering. If the Buyer is not at the address when the courier delivers the package, he will leave a receipt with which the package can be picked up at the nearest (specified) post office. If the Buyer doesn’t get the package within 8 days, he or she must contact the Seller at info@soparcollection.com so that the Seller can trace the shipment.


Purchase Withdraw

Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law, the Buyer has a 14 day right to withdraw his or her purchase. The 14-day deadline starts from the day of receiving the items. Additional to that, the Buyer is obligated to notice the Seller via e-mail at info@soparcollection.com.

If the Buyer had already received the items and decided to withdraw the purchase, the received items need to be returned to the Seller. When returned, the products need to be unused and undamaged, and with the copy of original receipt included. All of that needs to be sent to the Sellers address: SOPAR d.o.o., Stjepana Babonića 96, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

The expenses of items return are to be bared by the Buyer. The Seller is obligated to return the money within 14 day deadline after receiving the items. Ordered items, in other words the packages that the buyer doesn’t want to receive, will be returned also at Buyer’s expense.


Reclamations and Complaints

SOPAR is responsible for the quality and default errors on bought products on web shop www.soparcollection.com. If the Buyer has any complaints about bought items, in compliance with the Customer Protection Law, he or she has the right to send a written complaint to the Seller. The complaint can be sent:

  • via mail on address SOPAR d.o.o., Stjepana Babonića 96, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • via e-mail at info@soparcollection.com.

The Seller kindly asks that the Buyer writes down his or her name, surname, address, contact and description of the complaint. The Seller will respond to the complaint within 14 days after receiving it.

The form for the complaint can be downloaded here.

SOPAR is responsible for the material defects of the purchased products in accordance with the Mandatory Obligations Act.


Exchange Policy

All of the Buyers have a right on item exchange. Item exchange is able within 14 days after receiving the delivery. The Buyer is obligated to request the exchange via e-mail indicating the subject “RETURN: Order number”. Within the e-mail, the Buyer needs to explain and specify does he or she want to exchange the product for the same one only in different colour or size, or he or she wants to exchange it for another product. The item then needs to be returned to the Seller’s address within 2 business days. The Buyer needs to pay for shipment costs. If the Seller evaluates that the returned item is not damaged and in original package, an item exchange will be made. If the Buyer is exchanging the product for one that has a higher value, he or she first needs to pay the difference onto the Seller’s bank account. On the other hand, if the Buyer is exchanging for the product of lower price, the Seller will make a difference refund to the Buyer’s bank account. The direct cost of the item exchange needs to be bared by the Buyer.


Breach of Contract and Return

The Buyer has the right, without adducing the reason, to unilaterally breach the contract of purchase within 14 days from receiving the package. The contract will be breached with written notice about breach of contract by filling the form for Unilateral Breach Of Contract or by other ambiguity proclamation through which the Buyer will express his or her will of termination. The Buyer is obligated to deliver the previously mentioned form or proclamation to the Seller, at the Seller’s address or by e-mail.

The form can be downloaded here.

If the Buyer is terminating the contract with ambiguity proclamation he is obligated to indicate the name, surname, address, phone number and e-mail.

If the Buyer sends the form via e-mail, SOPAR will notice the Buyer in shortest period possible about receiving the form. If the Buyer unilaterally terminates the contract he is obligated to return delivered SOPAR product (bearing the cost) to the address of the Seller. SOPAR is obligated to return the money to the Buyer within a 14-day deadline. The ordered items that the Buyer does not want to claim, he or she also returns at his or her own expense.


Safety Statement

The safety of data on this web site is ensured by using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol with 128-bit data encryption. Data exchange is thus protected from unauthorized access.


Privacy Protection

Privacy protection describes how SOPAR handles your personal information which is received during usage of this web site. Personal details are: your name and last name, e-mail address, home address, OIB (personal identification number) and phone number, in other words data that is not publicly accessible and that is known to SOPAR due to your usage of this web site. SOPAR undertakes that the company will use your personal information only for identification purposes during web shop usage, therefore you will be able to use all the options given by the web shop. SOPAR will keep your personal details in secret and will not distribute, publish, give to the third parties or in any other way make them public to any other third party before your previous consent.


Collection and Processing of Personal Information

SOPAR undertakes and guarantees that in any case, your personal information will be processed consciously, fairly, with usage of suitable protection measures with a goal of preventing unauthorized publishing and malicious usage of your personal information, all of that in compliance with Law on the Protection of Personal Data (LPPD).

All user information is strictly confidential and is only available to employees who need that information to do their job. All SOPAR employees and business partners are held responsible for respecting the principle of privacy protection.

SOPAR will not deliver your personal information to the third party, only if the law says otherwise. Your personal information will be processed until you revoke your consent, thereby they will be permanently deleted.

Depending on the purpose of collection and processing of personal information, SOPAR can ask you to leave following information: name, surname, username, e-mail, address, city, zip code and country, and phone number.

SOPAR collects and processes your personal information only based on your personal consent.

Personal information is not collected by your single visit to our web site, but at the moment you personally insert them while ordering a product, registration for our newsletter, taking a survey or sending a question via contact form.

The consent to collect and process your personal information is given through filling out special form providing services on our web page and you can revoke it in any moment.

SOPAR undertakes to:

  • provide protection of personal information of the user by collecting only the data necessary for the fulfilment of obligations (such as shipping ordered items);
  • inform users about how we use the collected information;
  • regularly give users the option to choose to use their information, including the ability to remove it from marketing campaigns.

Rights of Personal Information Provider In Compliance With LPPD

When it comes to your personal information, you have the following rights:

  • You can request access (overview, notification and issuing a copy), rectification, addition, update and deletion of the information;
  • You can revoke the agreement to process your personal information, in other words that in any moment you are able to withdraw your agreement and stop the processing of your personal information;
  • You can be notified by SOPAR about the status of your request.

Based on your personal request you have a right to freely obtain information about your personal data that had been saved. Beside that in compliance with article 21 Law on the Protection of Personal Data you have a right to oppose the processing of your personal information for commercial or/and marketing usage.

As it is previously mentioned, in compliance with law orders, in case of the information being incomplete, not accurate or not updated and if their processing is not in compliance with law orders, you have a right to rectify, add, unable and delete of your personal information.

Agreement for collecting and processing your personal data can be revoked in any moment in following way:

  • by sending an e-mail to the address info@soparcollection.com or
  • by sending a mail to Stjepana babonića 96, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

If you revoke your consent for personal information processing, SOPAR is obligated to permanently delete all your personal information within 15 days from receiving the revoke.

In case of unauthorized personal information processing you have a right to begin a proper case against SOPAR in front of the competent jurisdiction and in compliance with current laws in Republic of Croatia.

The privacy policy regards only the usage of this web site and it is valid only on Republic of Croatia territory, whereby it does not regard the links that this page can contain and lead to other web pages, as well it is not valid in any other state. SOPAR is not responsible for the content of privacy policy of third party web sites. If in any moment you notice that those links lead to a third party web sites that are not appropriate or have unfavourable privacy policy, please contact us and we will tend to remove links to those kinds of web sites.


When you sign up for out newsletter using the form we provided on our web site, you are allowing us to process your personal information based on the express consent you provide by your use of the mentioned signup form. We will use our newsletter to inform subscribed users about our promotions, offers and news. We will not use the information you provided in any other way, which includes sharing your information with other parties or sending you spam.

An unsubscribe link should be included in every newsletter and marketing email we send you so that you can easily stop receiving our emails.



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Online Communication

Visiting SOPAR web shop pages you communicate online. Therefore you agree to all consents, notifications, announcements and other contents which are delivered to you online and through this way they satisfy legal framework as they were written.


Change of Policy

SOPAR keeps all the rights to change and update this policy. Every single change of this Privacy Policy (or Terms of Purchase) will be posted on our web pages.